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Beef Cuts Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Beef

Sirloin: A tender but lean steak cut suitable for frying, grilling, or braising.

Rib Eye: A heavily marbled tender flavoursome cut which can be a prime steak cut or rolled by the butcher with some other meat from the ribs to make a rib roast.

Fillet: Fillet is the most tender beef cut but it is also quite lean. It is normally cut into steaks but can be made into roasts.

Striploin: Striploin steaks are tender and flavoursome, while it can be made into a roasting joint it is normally cut into steaks.

T-bone Steaks: These are a combination steak including the fillet and the striploin with a portion of bone left in.

Round:  This broadly describes the meat around the hind leg of the animal. It tends to be quite lean, and some of it is better suited to mincing.


Cuts which are worth considering are:

  • Topside Roast (this is the tenderest roasting cut in the round)
  • Silverside Roast
  • Rump steak
  • Eye of round
  • Rump steak (cut into strips for stir frying)

Brisket: Brisket is a favourite with BBQ gurus as one of the most flavoursome and juiciest pieces of meat on an animal. It has a high fat content and so is ideally suited to slow grilling/roasting on a BBQ. Brisket also makes a very tasty roast but needs to be cooked slowly for a long time.

Shin Beef:  Shin is best suited to very slow cooking/braising and has a lovely rich flavour.

Diced Beef, Mince and Burgers: We use hugely experienced local butchers who will select the most suitable beef for stewing, mincing and burgers. All of our beef burgers are 100% beef with nothing added.

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