Custom Butchering of Quarters and Halves

In co-operation with our local craft butcher, we can butcher either a half or quarter of an animal to your exact specification. This is a wonderful opportunity to become even more involved with the production of your food. We would be delighted to help you through this process by explaining the different cuts of beef and what options are available to you.

You will receive a quarter/half of all the various cuts in the animal; from the juicy steak cuts to the tasty mince and everything in between. We have recipes on our website to help you to experiment with any cuts you may not be familiar with. All are clearly labelled, so you will know what is what.

There are parts of the animal that we do not include in your half/quarter, however, if you would like any of these, please do ask and we can include them with your order. These are: liver, kidney, heart, oxtail, suet, cheek, bones for dogs. We sell these for a very minimum cost: €1 per kg. Please note Custom Butchered products must be collected from our farm on Saturdays between 10am-1pm.

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