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Clonakilty Beef


Producing low carbon beef, protecting biodiversity.


Hereford & Angus Beef that is naturally delicious.

Family Farm

Building on our heritage for future generations, with sustainability at our roots.

What We Offer

  • Custom Butchering of Quarters and Halves

    In co-operation with our local craft butcher, we can butcher either a half or quarter of an animal to your exact specification. This is a wonderful opportunity to become even more involved with the production of your food. We would be delighted to help you through this process by explaining the different cuts of beef and what options are available to you.

    You will receive a quarter/half of all the various cuts in the animal; from the juicy steak cuts to the tasty mince and everything in between. We have recipes on our website to help you to experiment with any cuts you may not be familiar with. All are clearly labelled, so you will know what is what.

    There are parts of the animal that we do not include in your half/quarter, however, if you would like any of these, please do ask and we can include them with your order. These are: liver, kidney, heart, oxtail, suet, cheek, bones for dogs. We sell these for a very minimum cost: €1 per kg. Please note Custom Butchered products must be collected from our farm on Saturdays between 10am-1pm.

    Please fill out the form below to find out more information and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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  • Family Favourites Box

    16 x 160g beef burgers (6oz)
    (TOP TIP: For children, divide burger mince before cooking and re-roll and flatten OR when cooked slice through flat to make two circular burgers)

    1 x sirloin steak (approx 3-4 adult servings)

    4 x striploin steaks (one serving per hungry adult)

    1 x 0.45 kg diced beef

    2 x 0.45kg stir-fry steak strips

    1 x rolled beef brisket (2 kg approx- 8-10 servings)

    1.5kg x beef short ribs

    4 x 0.45kg mince

    Minimum Nett weight 10 Kg

    Please Note:

    Family Favourite’s Boxes must be collected from our farm in Ballinascarthy, near Clonakilty (P85TP48) on Saturdays between 10am-1pm.

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  • Roast & Slow Box

    4 x fillet steaks

    1 rib roasts (1.2-1.5 kg approx.)

    3 x 0.45kg packs of diced beef

    2 x 0.45 kg packs of steak strips

    5 x 0.45kg packs of minced beef

    3 x Packs of shin beef on the bone

    4x160g pure beef burgers (Hungry adult sized portion. TOP TIP: For children, divide the burger mince in two before cooking and re-shape OR when burger is cooked, slice it flat for two circular burgers)

    Minimum Nett Weight 11 kg

    Please Note: Roast & Slow Boxes must be collected from our farm near Ballinascarthy (P85TP48) on Saturdays between 10am-1pm.

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  • Quick & Tasty Box

    12 x 160g burgers (6oz) (Hungry adult serving. TOP TIP: for children, divide the burger mince and re-roll and flatten OR when cooked, slice in half while flat and make two thinner circular burgers)

    2 x rib-eye steaks

    1 x sirloin steak (3-4 adult servings)

    2 x T- bone steaks (2-3 adult servings)

    1 x 0.45kg diced beef

    4 x 0.45kg stir-fry steak strips

    7 x 0.45kg packs of minced beef

    Minimum Nett weight 11 Kg

    Please Note: Quick & Tasty Boxes must be collected from our farm in Ballinascarthy, near Clonakilty (P85TP48) on Saturdays between 10am-1pm.

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Our Farm

Buttimer's Farm

Who We Are

Our names are Clive & Carolyn Buttimer. We farm near Clonakilty Co. Cork and we produce top quality, sustainable, Angus and Hereford beef with an exceptionally low carbon footprint. There are three generations of our family living on the farm. It’s our home, our heritage and our future; that’s why we do our best to look after it.

Our Instagram

Two quarter animals boxed and ready to go today! These families are set for the BBQ season! #ClonakiltyBeef #westcork #clonakilty #Beef ...

A fresh bright morning in West Cork. It has been a great few weeks for growing anything but especially grass and these girls are really enjoying it. From now on until around October all of our beef is 100% grass finished, if you're interested in a half or quarter animal or even a box gove me a call or check out our website! #westcork #clonakilty #westcorkfood ...

Bluebells seem exceptional everywhere this year, what a privilege to live and work surrounded by this! #clonakiltybeef #sustainability #biodiversity #bluebells ...

We are delighted to announce that the changes we've made over the last 2 years have allowed us to reduce our Carbon Footprint by 29%. This is part of an audit accredited by the Carbon Trust so it's not just me saying it! But that's not all it doesn't take account of the Carbon our soils trees hedgerows and plants absorb so the figure is much higher than that. It's great to see a result for all the hard work! ...

The wheat is up and away, once the "kindness came" (that's a real farmer way of talking about the weather) it jumped out of the ground. A kind day was described to me once as any day when it's raining and you hear the birds singing. So damp mild weather without too much wind. ..... Ireland must be one of the kindest countries in the world. #westcork #clonakiltybeef #farming ...

Cold nights mean grass growth is sluggish so these girls are getting half of their feed as silage and barley, and the other half they are grazing. Once weather warms up grass will take off and we can stop using the feed trailer.

#clonakilty #clonakiltybeef #westcork.

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Clonakilty Beef,Ahaliskey,Ballinascarthy,Clonakilty,Co. Cork,P85TP48